The startup I work for installed spy software on my laptop. I noticed it when I saw the camera going on and off several times on its own. I just taped the cam and complained with the founders, who don’t appear to see anything wrong with what they did

  • By “your laptop,” did you mean the company’s laptop? If it’s owned by them, they’re free to do with it as they see fit. You should not expect any privacy on the company’s property.

    That being said, this sort of thing is normally reserved for the corporate world and is not at all unusual there. However, in a startup where people are expect to be a little more invested in the company, that’s pretty bizarre.

    Of course, if it’s your hardware, then that’s messed up.

    • OP Here, that’s the screwed up thing, the laptop is mine! I’m not sure when they did it, apparently a few weeks ago one midday while I was out getting something for lunch. Before complaining I checked if someone else had the software installed, and it turned out all three employes (all of whom use their own laptops) had it in their computers.

      Now we all lough about it, but it’s still quite creepy to realize these guys took the time to hack into our computers to spy on us. In a 5 people company!

      • Go the founders homes and set up cameras from the out side. Then back it up to your laptop. When they snoop and feel compelled to complain. Say “welcome to the club”.

        • I leave it in the office when I go out to lunch. We also do “selling rounds”, on which we all leave the office to visit potential clients. And while my computer is password protected, office pranks have shown me that Macs are easily violated.

  • I could care less whether it’s your machine or the company’s. This is shady. Your company’s culture is rooted in mistrust. That’s toxic and it’s not sustainable. If your company can’t trust its people it has much larger issues.

  • Uh. Used to work at a startup. I now work for a semi-large (5k employees), secretive, foreign, privately-held financial institution. Sure DLP and security is a big deal. But turning on webcams is weird, creepy shit. This is abnormal as fuck.

  • i’m floored that anyone would think this is acceptable on hardware provided by the company. do that have cameras in the bathroom stalls too? i hate common use of the word “creepy”, but this fits the bill. you work for psycho-grade voyeurs.

  • If “they” are Green Acrhturans feel safe the code was installed to protect you from “Greys”. On the other hand if “they” are Greys get ready for further “probing”


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