My sleeping pattern has gotten awful. God forbid I wake up in the middle of the night. I won’t go back to sleep because I’ll be thinking about my work and the business. I eventually give up trying to go back to sleep.

  • Have you tried playing rain sounds? That helps me fall asleep very fast. Background noise tends to block out the noise of my own thoughts. Silence is the worst, since that’s when I start thinking about my business and other issues, but a nice rain video or other soothing sound like ocean waves, helps me fall asleep.

  • Go to a psychotherapist and discuss with him of this problem, you will be surprised how fast you can resolve that and a lot of other problems with the help of experts

  • You can’t make sound decisions and lead thoughtfully when you are constantly depleted. There is medication you can take for this – not sleeping pills; meds that lower your anxiety. Meditation may also be helpful. Don’t try to tough through it- chronic insomnia is a real problem for treps. Half of my colleagues are on something for this (the other half just binge drink)

  • I used to listen to classical music (Rachmaninoff is my favourite) and also have this app called ‘Digital Pills’.

    You should also do a lock out of any electronic devices from your room. At some point I moved my computer outside my bedroom and I used to move my iPhone and iPad in a seperate room so that I don’t check my emails/social media posts.

  • Keep a notebook by your bed and write down the thoughts that bother you; then try to go back to sleep using breathing techniques

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