I really dislike how much they moderate messages in this site. Why don’t you just let everyone speak their minds? If someone’s an ass, the community does a great job pointing it out by itself.

  • Moderator Dana here: I’ve also heard there isn’t enough moderating.

    Our biggest filter is human decency. If you’re being an asshole for the sake of being an asshole, your comment will get deleted. We don’t take sides or opinions. We have no hidden agenda.

    Would like to hear other opinions on this topic. Are we moderating too heavily, not enough or …?

    • Dana: Moderation’s great; faster if possible. I’m quite fine with idiotic/asshole comments being deleted; keeps the site clean and enjoyable.

      OP: I’d rather spend more time on interesting discussions, rather than pointing out who’s being an ass .

  • I don’t see much moderating going on as it is, people are clearly already not paying attention to the “one simple rule.”

  • Thanks for moderating, some people on here are really cruel- especially to people who are making a confession.

  • @ Dana, the moderation is fine

    @ OP, it’s refreshing there’s no Survival Of The Snarkiest here, personally I’m here for the knowledge exchange, not here to build a profile

  • I have no issue with it. I run a large group on another platform and I know from experience, in addition to, the contributors the only other thing that provides value is the moderation. If there wasn’t moderation the quality of the topics and comments would be impacted negatively.

  • I’ve been an asshole at times and think that it was probably wise of you to moderate me.

    I think I could use a moderator to filter me more often, actually.

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