I quit my well paid job to start my own business. I used to want to do whatever it takes to make it work. All went well 'til recently – backstabbing & disrespectful co-founders, lack of confidence, burnouts, I feel worse than ever, time to quit?

  • Burnout is very common for entrepreneurs. Suggest you take some time off to recharge. Suggest reading Entrpreneur’s guide to keeping your shit together.

  • As long as we work together with other people, which is also a gift, jealousy etc. are normal parts of the business. Get rid of negative people surrounding you.

  • It is not uncommon to be there. I had the same from a co-founder when he sort of tried to push me out; although I am the founder and I put double the effort he did. I had considered it for a second – to quit – but I quickly realised how would it feel like quitting something I really love and believe in, especially after that effort I have put in. So I came back the next day stronger, acting like that this is me and this is my startup that I started myself, dealing with him very formally for a year. I increased that amount of effort and took on every opportunity to publicly represent the startup. Later he felt smaller and smaller as work increased until one day – a year from that incident – we raised funding and he could not put in cash so we asked him to quit and he did. We paid him for his time as a kind gesture

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