Am I the only one who wants to start a company for the sake of building a company I’d love to work in? It seems everyone is after exits. That doesn’t seem too sustainable.

  • I think companies go through stages, and after the building stage is complete it seems like a lot of the founders don’t want to be part of the corporate political strugles even if they control it.

    • OP here, I meant sustainable for the ecosystem.

      After a good exit I’m pretty dure any founder will be fine.

        • Not at all! It’s just that in my case my drive is not making billions in a short period, but rather being able to shape a corporation up, create it in my own image if you wish. And then running it for some time.

          • I have no interest in running a company. In fact I have no interest in working with anyone. My sole reason to start a company is to hopefully sell it at enough of a profit that I can do shit alone for a while. Yes I will get flack for the comment but that’s my motivation.

            • It is a fair opinion to have. The only thing with that approach, if that is your only interest is money you will find it harder when the going gets tough and you have to slowly grind out results. Spending up to 2 years grinding through the bullshit you may find that it is not worth the effort and give up. Then, get a job… Or, do it again… Give up…And get another job 🙂 That’s a lot of working with people when you don’t want to work with people 🙂

            • same here, sell it. I am so not employee material and I can’t go back to working 9-5 without kicking and screaming.

    • What about running it for profit? I get it, most investors don’t care about profit, that’s why I’m bootstrapping.

  • I co-founded a company with your sentiment of building something where not only I would love to work in, but so would others. My ideal outcome in the beginning was an acquisition where I could still play a role and bring in more experienced people to take the helm.

    Fast forward five years and the things that I loved about my work are gone. The things that I love to do have been moved off my plate, the things I hate doing are my everyday existence. I sit through board meetings glassy eyed as a bunch of rich people nit pick me to death over financials, forecasts, metrics, and made up bullshit. So even though I am very proud of the company and the culture I helped create, I whole-hardheartedly am in the group of founders that would like to sidestep the “corporate political struggles” mentioned above.

    To the OP: best of luck to you.

    • Sounds like you need to get out and it is eating at your soul.

      Well done for the build and the intentions. But take what you have learned and take your power back.

      I did a similar thing. I decided I had enough and started again. Was risky but rewarding.

      I don’t know your situation, and imagine there are lots of moving parts to extract yourself. I made a list of what I loved and hated then worked on a little plan for each item. Once that was on paper and out of my head I found ways to make the next steps work.

      Well done for building a company and culture based on your principles. Now do it all over again and get rid of the bits you hate. You get only one shot at life, make it count.

      Good luck…

      • Unless you are hinduist. Then you have many shots. But still, why stay if you are not having a good time, right?

  • Most new companies are not growth companies, as the modern term “startup” implies. You don’t have to create a startup to start a new lifestyle business. Most don’t.

  • I am doing it for the same of building a business. To learn new skills, test my wits and keep me motivated. I don’t want to exit soon – more interested in building up a substainable business to support a very early retirement from corporate world.

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