My day job has no idea I’m running a $35k MRR side biz / dev shop. And I’m non-technical. Quit or stay?

  • OP here. To clarify I do all duties expected of me + then some. So performance at day job is high, and that’s part of why the situation is so challenging. Not really at fork in the road yet.

  • How much do you make from side job? I’m assuming you’re hiring workers to fulfill the work. If you’re pulling in more than 10K profit/month I don’t know why you’re staying at your current job unless

    a) The job puts you in contact with non-competing potential clients

    b) The job pays you over 200K/yr

    • Yes, have 3 full-timers but still doing $10k+ myself net income /month.

      a) not at all, separate industries unfortunately

      b) pays less than half that

      I think at first it was because of health benefits, etc, but now that feels silly since there are gov’t programs.

      But really it’s the stock options. Day job could be a huge co, and stock > cash any day.

  • I’m on a very similiar scenario, with only 34,5k less MRR (haha…), and I’m already wondering when I’ll be able to leave my day job.

    Why are you staying at your day job? Financial matters or, don’t get me wrong, afraid of the risks?

    • haha right on.

      see my reply above. but basically: stock options.

      cash is pretty easy to generate, but you have to work for it. real wealth is exits or investments (cash over cash).

    • Sorry for the late reply! It’s 4 years w/ 1 year cliff. Will be over the cliff in a couple months, so that’s a big part of it I think.

    • Yes, really just capitalizing on relationships. “Hey xyz founder, any way I can help with x,y,z projects?” Rinse / repeat and after a tipping point (different for everyone) the clients become inbound vs outbound.

  • So.

    You have a business with fulltime employees, which is generating a good income for you, without your own fulltime attention. Well done.

    At the same time, you are holding down a job with someone else. You are performing well at this job, so you are not taking advantage of this employer. Good for you.

    You can manage both your business and your job, and you want to keep the job because there is an imminent probability of being able to cash in on your options. Lucky you.

    What, then, are you ‘confessing’? Why are you asking us if you should quit or stay? You’ve already sensibly made up your mind to stay, by the sound of it, so where is your dilemma?

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