Your landing page is not an MVP. Your programming boot camp is not a developer’s background. Your MBA is not a sign of success. To those that keep it real, enjoy every moment – you deserve every high five.

  • My landing page got 2000 signups in a week without a line of code. Tell that to some developer schmuck who spent 6 months coding a prototype only to find out no one wants to use it.

    • But without developer skills you can’t capitalize on those signups. Best case is when a developer creates a landing page to gauge interest; since he or she can then move quickly to build the site or app if there is interest.

      • Um, yes you can; that’s what contract/freelance/hiring is for. There’s more than one way to skin a cat, ya know? In any case, building is one part, selling the product is the crucial step, followed by processes to grow company.

        • Freelance programmers are terrible. Very few know what they’re doing and even if you find one that can build you want you want cheaply, you will not have the skills to change the code later on, which you almost certainly will need to do.

          And, even if you’re hiring a programmer, how will you know who is good if you lack programming skills yourself? You’re being very naive.

            • Yes you do. Otherwise you’re just guessing. What sort of standard will you use to judge their skills? Clearly, if you lack skills yourself then you will have no idea. How can you analyze their code to see flaws if you don’t know what to look for?

              I can tell 90% of what I need to know about a programmer from just looking at examples of their code; lazy, sloppy, or downright buggy code is easy to spot for someone who knows what they’re looking for.

              • So you’re saying I need to be an architect to hire an architect or be a doctor to hire one? Effin ridiculous. No I don’t need to look at the damn code. I just need to write good specs and be able to verify if the work was complet ed to spec.

                The key to outsourcing is to do your homework and not be lazy.

                • Okay, When you need someone else to expand on that code and add new features then you’ll see why you were mistaken. This is what I mean about sloppy code or buggy code.

                  Later on when you hire another programmer to expand on the previous work you had some freelancer do, they might have to scrap the previous work and start from scratch because of how terrible it was.

                  But, I see that you non-coders think you’re so brilliant at spotting good coders and that programming is easy, so I’ll let you continue on with your ignorance.

              • Your also a douche looking to brag about how much more skilled you are then someone else. I am a coder and all I look for is someone who can cover the areas I am not that skilled in.

          • Freelance programmers can help a hustler sell. And a hustler that can sell will have no problem finding devs to follow. Because that is the quickest way to success: a hustler that can sell.

    • Can you share some things you used to get those 2000 signups. If you growth-hacked it thats great. If you stumbled upon the users its hard to make use of them

  • Sounds like a vaguebook aimed at a particular petson. If so OP suggest you fill the hole in your soul before it eats you alive.

  • What kind of scatter brained wanna be buddhist confession is this?

    I think you need another 2 weeks of meditation. Get on with it.

  • There was a time when “developers” (or programmers, as I like to call them) were buried in the data room in the basement.

    We all will see a time coming very soon when we wish it had stayed that way.

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