An investor that has a term sheet on the table with my company just showed up interested in me on Tinder *awkward*

    • True. OP, for you to know investor liked you, you had to have liked investor too since Tinder only reveals mutual matches, right? Good luck with not f**king up your company or getting fucked over through this. But if you’re an employee not founder, then it matters a little less (your bosses should worry instead).

      • I don’t think he/she would be fucked over this. I’m pretty sure the investor imagined he/she liked to date or have sex before finding him/her on Tinder. So I wonder how this may change anything. Just don’t talk to him/her and that’s it.

  • Another blatant lie, how many more of these obvious trolls are going to be accepted to the frontpage?

  • His picture wasn’t clear and only first name, or I wouldn’t have clicked. I had used a handle not my name so maybe he didn’t realize it was me. We only actually met once. It was weird but it stopped at realizing there was a connection made.

    Just FYI- this is one of the weird thingzs of publicly dating with something like Tinder- you see people you know and it is awkward.

    If you think it is trolling, I don’t actually give a fuck. What is the point in making things up on a confession board.

    • His picture wasn’t clear, yet you clicked? I thought the whole point of clicking is that you find the person attractive, and you’d have to have seen them clearly to know that.

    • “What is the point in making things up on a confession board.”

      This is the exact point of trolling. I continue to do it here and in the comments sections. Hhuehuehue

    • I think you take Tinder way too seriously. If the probability that you seal any deal with this investor depends on how you deal with him on Tinder then I doubt it would have worked out anyways.

  • Is it weird that I’m old, married and mildly annoyed by this Tinder crap? Whatever happened to getting drunk and having unprotected sex with an IRL OMG real person you met two hours ago? Get off my lawn.

    Also, that investor sounds unprofessional.

    • Why? Because he likes to find online dates? I enjoy sexting quite a bit, and yet am awesome at work.

      • Because getting sexually involved with a potential fundee is kind of unprofessional? Plenty of fish in the sea, no need to get financially imbruglified with this week’s catches.

        • Did she get sexually involved with the potential investor? They just liked each other on Tinder. Nothing else happened. And it’s not unprofessional if she didn’t know she was gonna find it there.

          People over 30 are so weird about this stuff.

          • Don’t date people you work with, or vendors, or clients, etc., because it’s stupid to lose money when that sexual spark inevitably fades.

            Like I said, get off my lawn.

            • She didn’t date him either. Do you even know how Tinder works? They just found each other. Period.

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