I don’t care what anyone says… UI/UX will make or break your product. Thank God for front end developers!

  • I completely agree. Sadly, I’m in biz with someone who wants things to go fast and cheap–meaning bad UI so long as “OMG!! Must launch now!!!!” There’s not enough time for me to do it myself or hire someone competent over the bad employee we have now.

  • Omg his stupid.

    The most important thing is the core functionality!

    How good would Tesla be if the car looks nice but couldn’t drive?

    What’s more important, that Google finds results or how it looks like?

    How fast the server in the closet is or how the chassis is designed?

    Is it more important that a financial newspaper has reliable reports or that its font isn’t Comic Sans?

    Well you will learn it the hard way. An unfinished non working product with a nice UI will not make it. People care about functionality FIRST and then about design SECOND.

    • UI/UX is the hook and will grab attention and get folks to stay on your page longer than 30 seconds. If it’s ugly, it won’t matter how good the backend is because users are going to bounce. If it’s pretty but the backend sucks, then it won’t matter how pretty the pages are in the long run–but, hey, at least google analytics will make it look like people were there a while.

  • Do you even know what UX is? UI is NOT UX. Good UI developers can still produce a shitty user experience. But yes a shitty user experience can kill a product. Craigslist is a great example of poor UI but excellent UX.

          • “could have been Amazon” is ignorant of the history of craigslist. It is what it is because that’s what “craig” decided, period. He very specifically did not want to be Amazon. He has some pseudo socialist ideas, which I completely disagree with. But, more germane to this conversation, he did what he wanted to, which I applaud. He literally turned down billions because of his convictions.

            All that aside, the UI is paramount to success today. Amazon was pretty ugly a few years ago. Today, an app or website that wastes people’s time because of inept UI design, never gets a second chance by most users.

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    […] Info to that Topic: startupsanonymous.com/confession/i-dont-care-what-anyone-says-uiux-will-make-or-break-your-product-thank-god-for-front-end-developers/ […]

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