I hate my staff for making my life difficult.They are paid to do their job but they have a sense of entitlement. I wish I can remove everyone of them and just hire robots.

  • As a founder, the hardest thing to deal with is that no one, I mean no one, is going to work harder than you, faster than you or deliver with as much quality as you would. It’s really sad to see people “mistreating” your product because you know you could do better.

    Also as a founder, the paragraph above is also the biggest illusion you could have about yourself. Surely you have an idea of how the perfect work would get done and your staff can be so frustrating because they will never fit that idea, but that idea is NOT reality. You are not the greatest at everything. You can’t perform every job better than anyone. You can’t do everything at the same time. You can’t work alone. You NEED these people and their expertise to keep your startup running.

    Unfortunately, there are only 2 possible reasons for what you stated here: either you think you could do it better than your team and you’re wrong; or you hired the wrong people for the job, in which case you’re also wrong. It is YOUR staff, like you said. You are not the victim here. Do something about it.

    • I am in a simular situation. I hired a lot of people, product was going well, but endlesss bugs and excuses from developers.

      There was then a lot hate from my side as I felt betrayed etc. Ultimately I am the one that hired them.

  • Nacissist and self-entitled bosses think they can do better. Look at any enterperise especially around IT. How entitled the s*** bosses think of themselves. It is as if they are paying from their own the team but in reality they don know what they are doing and l1cking their bosses.

    Try to look at yourself in mirror and think if your customers wish you were a robot.

    After all you failed to be human ; you deserve to be robotic — hey you sound like my boss 🙂

  • I actually see a lot of the entitlement behavior coming from younger hires ages 21-30 (I didn’t hire them). It is not productive or helpful, I can give you that.

    I have heard many times from some of the younger staff, “I’m not doing that” or “I just want to tell people what to do”. Their positions aren’t managerial by any means but for some reason their perception of their role is to be a one-trick pony and shovel work around to others. Again, I don’t have a say-so with these new hires as they aren’t in my department. But I do have work with them which sucks sometimes.

    I can understand part of the author’s perspective with entitlement but I also know that if I saw this behavior repeatedly as a manager, I would have a serious conversation with them and let them know how their behavior affects the team and business. Ultimately, I might replace them with a robot but as a manager, I would make sure the boundaries and expectations are set and reinforced on a regular basis.

  • “You are not the greatest at everything. You can’t perform every job better than anyone. ”

    When you have a mind like that. Stop doing a business. If you´re are a young very good computer entrepreneur than of cource you can everything better. Everything is findable with google. Everything is easy, financial to technical stuff.

    I know what you mean, it is hard and you start with very dumb people, but in a little while you have enough money to kick them just for not being good enough 🙂

  • “I actually see a lot of the entitlement behavior coming from younger hires ages 21-30 (I didn’t hire them)”.

    I would never hire someone 30 +. They are not fit enough for internet. You have to find young people, pay them very well and they will work good. But don´t hire people who drink or who make party. These people no company needs.

  • I am just a manager in my field. I totally live my field, but I really, really hate my staff. They think I am their mom. The saddest part is I am younger than most of them. 🙁

  • I hate my staff they speak to me as if we are equals. They ask me what I am doing and where I am going as if it’s their business. I have fantasy daydreams about telling them off and then they turn into daymares about me getting fired because of it. I truly cannot stand them. They constantly question every directive I give them. They send emails to my boss asking questions and providing their schedules to her instead of me as if I don’t exist. It’s as if they have no respect for me. I honestly wish they were dead.

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