The CEO of my startup (Amicus) embezzled funds and has crafted quite the tale to make it seem like he just messed up our taxes.

    • +1 This could technically be libel (or is it defamation?) if there’s no proof. This isn’t Whisper or Secret afterall. (Or is it?)

      • Oh please , you whining Nancy ass kissing snitches so quick to dismiss good info like this!

        Do your research

          • +1 Reading the recent hacker news thread, it seems like there is something a few people know but aren’t mentioning. The CEO has done a better pr job than the OP.

            • It was weird to note how YC’s lawyers made a point of posting to that hacker news thread, just to let it be known that YC had not supported Amicus CEO’s actions…

  • Also I hope you realize there are share buttons so this could easily get out and about …or maybe that is what you want. But what if you are wrong and what if that person comes gunning for you?

    • By putting the company name of course the OP wants it to get out. I’m thinking the OP finds this path preferable than going to the authorities.

  • IDK, this does give the potentially guilty parties time to get the digital document shredders spooled up.

    Also, here’s the thing. Startup financing is almost completely opaque because it’s all these weird-ass non-public shares stuff that until recently when VCs hit the scene, had been the calling card of shady financing for well over a hundred years. Why would he even need to concoct a story to get access to the money? If he’s CEO of a name-your-salary company, can’t he just concoct some elaborate loan or paycheck-forward to himself?

  • OP: you better be right, because if he decides to sue and subpoenas this site for info to track your identity, it’ll be all over then.

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