I can’t take it anymore. I don’t know who to trust anymore and who is a decent person. I want to dissolve my startup now. I feel like a total adult failure. I must come across as a real quiter and loser. I’m so depressed. Crying myself to sleep.

  • I know the feeling. Sometimes life hits you really badly. I have these mood swings all the time. One day i feel like we are making great progress the next i feel i should have stayed at my job. Crazy shit and it goes on for years!

  • you sound like a total loser. why did you get into this in the first place? did you think that being rich and becoming a billionaire is that easy?

    typical dumb “wanna be founder and CEO”

    • Please ignore this comment.

      Things will get better. Keep pushing, don’t hesitate to ask for help from friends, family or therapist whenever you need.

      Stay in the present. Forget about the past. Stop worrying about the future. You are safe now.

    • Only stop when you don’t believe in your project anymore.

      If not, hey, this comment could be me, too! Everybody’s having these moments, but who said it’s gonna be easy? Hang on!

    • Go fuck yourself and think about what words can. You are the only looser within this communication.

      Do not let you drag down by people who tell you that you are a looser. You need to make a decision for yourself, whether you want to go on and try to catch the turnaround point. If you do not feel like having the power for this (it will be tough!) it is the right decision to quit and give yourself some time to recover.

  • You need to figure out if your growing as person and learninbg about human nature and people your associated with or your blaming others who your respect and who are to saying its a bad startup.

  • I’ve been through a similar phase almost 2 years ago, very depressed as I came to the realisation that people I thought cared about me were just trying to manipulate me into giving away my business to them.

    I ended up taking about 5 months away from client-facing work before I was ready to continue. Through that period I learned not to trust people so much but also that I just had to stick to my plans and persevere – if I wanted to achieve my goals.

    I’ve also had the crying and wishing none of it ever happened, my product was live and business critical to my customers so that added to the pressure but was also why I didn’t feel I could just walk away. In any case it got better with time and I also try to give myself a break and realise I can’t take on everything at once (learning to say “no”).

    In the end I think you just need to discover/focus on “what are my goals” and use that to make a decision of what to do from here. Good luck.

  • I had the same feelings/thoughts, in the end i began to loose the faith in my own ideas. That was the time when i got ill – over 5 weeks or so. But my partner and friends reassured me, and now i realized that there are many more ideas how i can get my thing started. It is like a little plant – in the beginning it has only two small leafs, but when you meet the correct decisions and “water” your idea, it will grow and will be successful one day! Hold on!

  • I have been there, too. I am feeling for you because you lost trust in others (and in yourself). This is a horrible situation and one you should – and can – get out.

    I was not willing to give up, but in the end I had to. I felt completely worthless and a loser .- and it took time! But now I notice that a huge weight has been lifted, now I own the money I am earning with freelance work and I don’t have to put everything I have and earn into the business. Others care less about your story than you might think – you don’t have to explain anything, something along this line is more than enough: I had my own business, but it didn’t work out. Full Stop!

    I am in therapy and it helps.

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