I can’t bear to think about our competitors as I am so angry they are achieving what we’re not (they have 10s of millions of dollars investment and we have none). I live only with the hope that our business model is unique enough to beat them.

  • Stop worrying about beating entrenched players and focus on building a profitable business that will support you.

    • Thanks and I am. I’m just annoyed with myself that I feel this way, I would rather just think of them objectively (when I need to). I am embarrassed that I can’t even bear to look at information about them, when I know I should keep track of their operations. Note they are not really entrenched players, just well funded startups.

      • Learn from them, study their model, and make it better. No company has 100% market shares and you have just the same chance at a piece of that pie as they do. Learn to work smarter. GL

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