The ‘Could Be’ Co-founder Compensation

Details: I joined a side hustle and within a year helped it evolve into a bootstrapped, profitable service company with a whole team and client portfolio. The owner works full-time for another company and I work full time for this evolved side-hustle overseeing and managing clients, team, HR, and sales.

The owner does not want a co-founder, but her working full time, she really depends on my assistance in managing her business. I work with full dedication, treating this business as IF I was an owner, 24/7, providing great results and growth, mostly independent of her. This business has grown absolutely too big to manage next to a full-time job and she can only continue doing so with my help.

So now I am not a co-founder, but essential and involved in all facets of this business….
How would you create a reasonable pay structure?
How would my pay compare to that of the owner?
Should I look at a ‘market rate’ salary (which means the owner makes more than 3X what I am making!) or should it be aligned with being business partners that do profit sharing – and so yes, what would be a reasonable split?

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