ZenBusiness vs Nolo | Side By Side Comparison

If you’re starting an LLC, two companies that will come up a lot in your searches are Nolo and ZenBusiness. We decided to do a head-to-head review, to see who comes out on top.

About ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is a one-stop-shop registered agent business. They can file all your paperwork for you, including making sure that you’re up-to-date every year, and giving you 100% accuracy, guaranteed. They can act as your registered agent, and even help you get your IRS paperwork started.

About Nolo

Nolo is an all around legal resource website that serves everyone looking on the internet for help with the law. Nolo is like a search engine that only turns up legal services and lawyers. They do have LLC services, but they’re a little harder to find, and it’s not Nolo’s main brand.

What they Both Offer

ZenBusiness and Nolo will help you get your LLC or nonprofit off the ground, and they are both professional sites that will get the job done. The bottom line is, while they both work, one does have to be declared the winner… so read on.

  • They’ll both file your paperwork.
  • Either one will get your company legally established.
  • Both can help you with important papers like Operating Agreements.

Where They’re Different

Time to start splitting the hairs. There are some real differences, and we’ll start with what ZenBusiness offers that Nolo doesn’t:

  • 100% guaranteed accuracy.
  • Breakdown of what services you’ll need, and why.
  • A la carte options for services—pick what you need, leave the rest.

Now what Nolo offers, that ZenBusiness doesn’t.

  • Bundled services.
  • Lower prices.
  • Faster process.

And the Winner Is…

  • Pricing: Nolo

Nolo barely edges out on price, with it really coming down to their registered agent renewal being around $50/year cheaper.

  • Experience: ZenBusiness

We’re giving the edge to ZenBusiness. All they do is LLC, small business, and registered agent services. With Nolo, we get the feeling they are sort of “jacks of all trades,” which means they may not have mastered this trade.

  • Customer Support: ZenBusiness

Again, because ZenBusiness only handles small business, you don’t have to be worried about contacting them and getting routed through the phone tree for accident attorneys.

  • Turnaround Time: ZenBusinesss

Again, while both of them have expedited options, and Nolo is a little quicker on the set up, ZenBusiness is actually faster when it comes to filling out the actual paperwork for your business. Because the initial questions are more detailed, on the back end the process is fairly fast.

Winner Overall - ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is a tad more expensive, but when you’re starting your own business, we don’t think you should skimp on the really important stuff—like filing your paperwork with the government.

ZenBusiness’s expertise and guarantee were what won the day, for us.

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