​​​​How to Fix HTTP 503 Service Unavailable Error

When you encounter the error that says- 503 Service Unavailable Error, it is actually implies that the web server not able to handle the request temporarily. It could be a web server that you may be accessing directly or just any other server that web server in return is attempting to access.

There are different reasons why this error occurs and one of the common out of them is server being overloaded with requests or the site is under maintenance.

There are different reasons for occurrence of this error. On different websites the error may be displayed with different names like

http 503

503 Error

Http/1.1 Service Unavailable

503 Service Temporarily Available

Service Unavailable – DNS Failure

503 Service Unavailable

HTTP 503

Error 503 Service Unavailable

HTTP Error 503

Refreshing the page can help

As discussed above, a 503 error implies a problem that exists for a temporary period. The issue is quite temporary and it can occur when a site gets heavy traffic. In such cases it is always better to try refreshing the page.

Most browsers allow you to refresh the page using F5 key and along with that there is also a refresh button included which is located on address bar. It may not resolve the error most of the times but still worth a try.

Note: Remember that you get this error while making any payment online, refreshing the web page can charge you twice so you need to be careful about it.

Check if the others can access the site

In any case where you aren’t able to connect to as site, try to find out if you are only person to face this issue. Yes, just check with your friends if they are getting the same error.

There are different tools available to check this. In case the tool displays the report that shows the site is not working for everyone then you need to try after some time.

If you get a report saying the site is down for everyone, there’s not much you can do but try again later. In case the report states that the site is working, then you need to check out for the issue at your end.

Restarting the devices solve the error

The reason for this error can also be some small issues or weird issues with your networking equipment like router, modem, Wi-Fi and in many cases also with your PC.

Also, another reason for the error could be because of DNS issues instead of issues in your PC. In such cases you can try to switch DNS servers and check if the error gets fixed.

Get in touch with the Website

You can also get in touch directly with the website owner.

You can check the website to find the contact details. In case you couldn’t find the contact details on the website, you can check the details on their social media page.

{"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}

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