​​​​How to Fix Error Code 43

Code 43 error is among the many Device Manager Error codes and its comes up when Device Manager interrupts a hardware device as the hardware reported Windows about an unusual error.

This a common message which indicates that there is a hardware issue or it means that there is an issue with the driver that isn’t identified by Windows, though the hardware is affected.

How to resolve – Code 43 Error

Restart the PC in case you haven’t done yet.

Have you installed a device or made any changes in just prior to Code 43 error was displayed. In case yes, then the error occurred might be as a result of the changes you made.  Undo the changes if possible and then restart your computer and check again if the error persists.

Disable device and re-enable it. This will help Windows to look back again at configuration of the device.

The process to uninstall and re-install the drivers for your device can help you fix the Code 43 error.

Update drivers for device. Installing the newest drivers for your device can help you fix the Code 43 error.

Install the latest pack of Windows service. Installing the latest services packs for Windows or some other patches for Windows may carry a fix that may be a solution to any error that may be resulting in Code 43 error. So, this means you need to update everything completely to rectify the error.

Update BIOS– In some cases even an outdated BIOS can be the cause for this particular error with a device so it is like reporting a problem to Windows – thereby solving Code 43 error.

Try to replace data cable that is attached with the device to your computer considering it just has one. This is an effective solution for Code 43 error which is quite useful if you face this error on any external device for example a FireWire or an USB device.

Refer the manual for the hardware device and just follow the information given for troubleshooting.

Buy a – Powdered USB Hub in case you get Code 43 error for USB device. Some of the USB devices actually require more power as compared to in-built USB ports in your computer. Try to plug in those devices directly into a specific powered USB hub and that would fix the issue.

Try to replace hardware – The error might occur due to some issue that exists in the device itself. In such cases replace the hardware as one of the other solutions to fix the error Code 43 error.

Yet another reason for this error may be the incompatibility of the device with Windows version you are currently using. You can check this via Windows HCL to confirm.

The Code 43 error can occur with any hardware device in your Device Manager. However, mostly the error Code 43 errors occurs on USB devices like web cams, iPhones, printers, iPods, printers 

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