Swyft Filings Review 2022 | Transparent Breakdown & Warning

Starting your own business might seem like a huge task. Luckily, there’s always help around you if you know where to look. I’ve helped with quite a few companies, and so when people ask how they should get started, I usually have a tip or two. My biggest tip: get your LLC paperwork filed!

If you’re not sure how to file LLC paperwork, if you’re not even sure what LLC paperwork is, don’t worry. Help is all around you, remember? I sat down and dug deep on Swyft Filings, an online service that can handle all your paperwork needs for starting your own company. Check out my full review below, and don’t forget the FAQs—they could save you a lot of headache down the line!

Quick Hitters

First I’ll give you some quick Pros and Cons, and then we’ll move into the particulars. Make sure to hit every section, as there’s a lot to cover when you’re thinking of starting your own company.


  • Fastest times I’ve seen for filing paperwork.
  • Great basic rate for first-timers.
  • Easy to navigate website.
  • Trust-Pilot approved.


  • A little expensive on the higher end options.
  • Not the best for multiple state filings or e-commerce.

What is LLC Filing?

In every state you intend to do business, you need to file paperwork with the Secretary of State. This covers you if anyone tries to sue you, and it makes sure you’re legally allowed to conduct commerce.

Most people opt for an LLC, or Limited Liability Company. Not only does it look fancy on your website and business cards, but there are a number of benefits to being an LLC, as well. In fact, Investopedia has a great list of reasons a small business should go the LLC route.

But the most important thing about becoming an LLC is filing the paperwork. And that’s where Syft Filings comes in.

What Does Swyft Do?

In a nutshell? Everything. They can help you find out if your preferred business name is available, they can file your paperwork, and they can even act as your registered agent (more on that below). 

We’ve reviewed a number of other filing websites, and they all have a specialty. At Swyft Filing, you might have guessed, they specialize in speed. Working with Swyft means you can have your very own Certificate of LLC formation in as little as one day.

Much of that speed will depend on what state you live in, but the fact remains that I have only seen turnaround as quick as one day on Swyft Filings.

What is a Registered Agent? A Registered Agent is the person/company that will handle all legal documents to and from your LLC. Every state requires that every LLC has a registered agent on file. Nearly every filing company we looked at can also be your registered agent, including Swyft Filings. A Registered Agent is also the point of contact for renewing important documents with your Secretary of State.

Anyone within an LLC can be the Registered Agent, or you can appoint a third party; this is the option many small-business owners take, so there’s one less thing on their very crowded plates.

We’ll cover all their services offered below, but the main takeaway so far is that if you’re looking to make your dream of owning a small business the reality of owning an LLC, Swyft Filings is the quickest way to make it happen.

What Swyft Can Do For You

In addition to the bare-bones filing of your paperwork, Swyft Filings can also help with a myriad other things that many small business owners don’t even realize they’ll need. (Trust me, though, you will end up needing many of these services!)

Two things to remember about the services below: you might not need them today; and they do come with an extra charge from Swyft. If you really just want to get your LLC formed, and you’re not ready for a bank account and a Tax ID quite yet, you might want to skip those add-ons.

But if you’ve got capital in-hand, you’re trying to sign a lease on a store-front, or you have customers lining up from word-of-mouth, you might want to go for all the different features Swyft offers.

  • All the Paperwork: Whatever option you go with from Swyft Filings, they will write up Articles of Incorporation for you, file your paperwork with your state, even check if your company name is available.
  • Domain Name: Right now, Swyft has a new option where you can sign up for a free website name for a full year. They’ll even help you pick the name. And don’t worry, it won’t end in something funky—they have .com, .net. and .biz available.
  • Banking Resolution and IRS EIN: It’s probably a good idea to separate your business money from your personal money right away. In my experience, the bolder the line between the two the better. But before you can have a business account, the bank will require an IRS Employer Identification Number, or EIN. Think of it like a Social Security Number for your LLC. And that might only be the start of the paperwork needed to get a Business Checking Account. Swyft Filings can get all those ducks in a row for you, and make sure they don’t get out of line.
  • Web hosting: It’s one thing to have a domain name—but where’s your website? When I started my first business I got fleeced by some of the web hosting services out there. With Swyft Filings, you can get your web hosting done for a great price, and all in the same spot you got your paperwork filed.
  • Expedited Delivery: Did I mention Swyft Filings is, well, swift? They are. Not only does their basic service get you your LLC fast, but their Expedited Service can get it to you in as little as one day, depending on your state.

What Does Swyft Filings Cost?

Okay, okay, you’re probably wondering, but how much is all this going to run me? After all, if you’re starting your first business you’re probably not sitting on a pile of cash already. 

Well, not only is Swyft Filings fast, they’re also among the most affordable services you can get. Their standard filing is only $49 (plus whatever your state charges in fees). That means if you’re still in the “get my dream into reality” mode, you’re only out fifty bucks. From there, you can take your time figuring out your next move.

If you want the red-carpet service, where Swyft Filings will take care of everything from payroll to EIN, from web hosting to registered agent services, it will cost around $380. Now, remember, that’s taking all the headache of all the paperwork out of the equation. You could think of it as a cost, or you can think of it as a $380 investment in not having to think about any of that stuff.

The examples I have here are taken from the actual checkout screen, with no options checked in one, or all the boxes checked in the other. (The prices also include the Washington State fee of $180 I used as my example). 

Basically, it comes out to just over a dollar a day to have your very own filing service. Well worth it, in my opinion.

And Finally…

After working through the Swyft Filings website for a while, I think it’s one of the easiest to use, fastest to function, and yes, one of the most affordable options out there. Every option you check has an explanation of why you might want it. They’re upfront on their website, and you can go back and forth changing options as you.

I would highly recommend Swyft for anyone who wants to start an LLC, but it’s probably best for people who are first getting started and just want to file the paperwork, cheap and fast. You can get all your other services through them, too, but they really excel at the basic features.


If I Use a Filing Service, Do I Still Own My LLC?

Yes, but that’s a great question. Sometimes when you sign up for a website you find out later you’re only leasing it. When you file your LLC paperwork with Swyft Filings, though, the LLC is yours, forever.

Do I Need a Registered Agent?

Yes. But that doesn’t mean you have to hire one. You can be your own registered agent. The only requirement is that the Registered Agent is a real person or company, with a physical address in the state you’re conducting business.

Do I Need an EIN?

Yes. Eventually, if you’re going to conduct any financial transactions (which I hope you do!), you’re going to need an Employer Identification Number.

Are There Other Filing Services?

Yes, and you should shop around. But if you want the fastest out there, you’ve already found it with Swyft Filings.

Why Is My Checkout Price Different Than the Price I’m Quoted?

Because of the state filing fee. It ranges from state to state, with the lowest being Kentucky at $40, and the highest being Massachusetts at $500. Remember, though, you need to file in the state you’ll be conducting business. I know $40 looks like a great deal, but unless your business is in Kentucky, you’re out of luck.

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