Will people quit saying that it’s not about the idea but it’s about the team, execution, etc. It’s ALL about the idea!

It really pisses me off that people keep saying that ideas are worthless and that the only thing that matters is the team or execution or whatever else bullshit they come up with.

NO! The only thing that matters is the idea!

Does the team matter? Nope. Unless you put togther a team of complete idiots, anyone with half a brain and some basic business sense can take a great idea and run with it. So as long as the team is average or better, they’ll do just fine with a good idea. But if you flip that, and take an amazing team and give them a shit idea, no matter how amazing they are, they won’t go anywhere with it.

Execution? Nope. Just like a team. If the idea sucks, no level of execution will make it a success. But if the idea is great, it will almost execute itself.

Any venture has 3 aspects to it – 1) idea 2) team/execution 3) capital

You can take a good idea and a good team and make something happen with no capital. You can take a good idea and capital and make something happen. But you can’t take a team with capital and make something happen without a good idea.

So next time you think that ideas are worthless. Think again!

  • A million people had the idea for a social network to put MySpace out of business. How many of them executed on it successfully?

    • You could have taken one of those people at random, give them a million dollars and they would most likely blow myspace out of the water.

  • I don’t think anyone says ideas are worthless. What most people in this industry usually point out, is that the idea is barely the first step. Of course you need a good idea, otherwise it will most likely fail. But a good execution, and the proper team, can take an idea that has been developed a million times, and make it a total success.

  • Great ideas are seldom obvious. Great teams are. Great ideas may be worth a lot but identifying them is very hard hence it’s easier to pick the team.

  • “I have $2 mil in funding and I can’t find good people to execute my idea”- said nobody ever

    The whole focus on “team” is bullshit

    • Hey nobody: How did you get your 2 million in funding without a team or execution plan?

      You know, I have an amazing idea, vacations in Jupiter. I want my 2 million.

  • How long (or hard) is it to come up with an idea? It takes no time at all.

    How long (or hard) is it to come up with a team and start trying to execute on that idea? This will take years. It will make you question everything about your idea, yourself, your partners, your market, etc. There will be more ups and downs than anything you’ve ever experienced in your life. Most people can’t handle this stage.

    How many ideas ended up exactly where they started out? Zero.

    Idea is important…. but team/execution (and stamina!) is what will ultimately determine success/failure.

  • To op. You seem passionate about ideas are the unicorn to success. The rest matters little. Why don’t you out yourself and prove that you came up with the idea and executed to back up your facts. We cannot argue then because you proved everyone wrong. If you are Elon Musk or Steve Jobs let me apologise in advance for my tardiness.

      • I think i might start selling ideas. seems way easier than execution. my new business card will say “i sell ideas for a living”. why execute when ideas have so much value. execution is for the foolish; thanks op – my eyes are wide open now…

  • If you talk to legitimate business people, who have gone to war and survived, you’ll find that they generate an actionable, implementable business idea that could work at the rate of one a week, pretty much whether they want to or not. More if you can get two or more around a pitcher of beer. The ideas will take about ten years to fully implement. And the idea will invariably change mid stream because it’s impossible to account for all the variables.

  • Ideas are a only worth the paper they are written on

    You need to be able to prove that other people will find your idea useful – else – you are in for a life lesson

    You cannot do that without a team

    If you have a mediocre team – and what you believe is a great idea – you may very well still be in for a big failure

    Amazing teams are resilient, inventive, and can pivot with grace when you find out that your initial idea was indeed only worth the paper you wrote it down on…

  • Fuck that logic. The reason team and execution are worth more than the idea is because there is no such thing as a perfect initial idea. It will evolve overtime and for it to evolve, good team and excellent execution is important. Ideas change all the time. A startup will be formed with an idea but will end up serving a different idea because the good team with proper execution made a better decision. Also, good ideas almost always come from an individual which is then molded by a good team. Give a good team a shitty idea and they will turn it into a gold mine. Well that’s just my 2cents, who am i to judge, i’m not even a startup founder yet.

  • op you are an idiot.

    look, google, facebook, twitter, dropbox, linkedin, gmail

    these are all obvious ideas everyone had. but these companies executed better to reach success

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