Welcoming NFLAnonymous.com to the Anonymous Family

Quick announcement:

Just in time for the NFL Draft, we’re excited to introduce you to the newest addition to StartupsAnonymous family, NFLAnonymous.com. In the same fashion as SA, NFLAnonymous will give you the opportunity to Rant, Vent and Ask/Answer questions about your favorite team, while remaining entirely anonymous.  

In the coming months, NFLAnonymous.com will feature sub-sites for each individual team as well as host past and current NFL players who will be speaking and answering questions anonymously.

For now, we’ve launched to give you an opportunity to speak candidly about how your team is doing in the draft.

If you’d like to help us spread the word, here’s a tweet to make it easy.

You can follow NFLAnonymous on Twitter or jump right in and get started


  • Congrats Dana! Not an NFL fan, so won’t be on there, but great to see how you’re growing the niche laterally. Looking forward to seeing what other verticals might pop up.

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