Warning: VRP steals your work and doesn’t give you credit (February 2015)

It’s been a while now but I still can’t get over it.

Apparently, it seems like the VR industry can be plagued with thieves and slimy business people.

I once worked for this place, acronymed as “VRP” back in the early days where they had no real employees. Apparently, after creating this 2D-3D stereoscopic conversion workflow for them in After Effects (which by the way, isn’t really anything original), the CEO sent me an email claiming that “I wasn’t a good fit for their culture”. To my surprise, they went on and still used my supposedly “crappy product that didn’t get them the deal with Oculus”. And till now, they are still using that test shot I did in their sizzle reel.

If that doesn’t spell pathetic, I don’t know what is – if that was by far, their “greatest innovation” (which, since I made that whole damn workflow, I personally knew it really wasn’t anything new), I’d say they are falling behind and just tooting their horns as if the process was really “all that”.

If anyone here is ever in the VR industry, stay away from VRP (if you are in the VR industry, you’d probably already guess the acronym). CEO even told me she would give me credit but heck, I don’t see that at all, and they still dared to use my shot in their reel. I’m still whining about it since then but heck, the world has to know that not every business (or start-up) is conducted with integrity.

Thank God, I already publicly revealed the workflow and its steps as being an outdated version of stereoscopic conversion to a bunch of developers at a developers’ conference. I managed to protect myself by audio-recording my confrontation with the CEO C. Heller about them sacking me after they got what they want (and then lied just to cover up that they are in fact, still using my designed workflow), and well, let’s just say, the evidence is pretty damning…

Not sure if I should release the audio conversation onto YouTube just to out them as ingrates (you know what they say, don’t cross the wrong people in business 😉 , even if they are just your “hired employee”).

  • Outing people out of spite is seldom a good move although it helps soothe your soul. However if by outing them you can elevate your position/prestige somehow, then it might be a worthy move. Think from the viewpoint of potential partners how they’d view your actions.

  • We’re you an employee, or a contract, who was paid money to deliver a product/work flow?

    If so, then they can terminate (with no cause required) and keep the work product you created as part of the employment/contractor agreement.

    • OP: I was supposedly brought on as an employee. There was no contract specifying claim of ownership of any workflow/ product.

      • really? they paid you as an employee, they own it man.

        only if it wasn’t yours in the first place can that land them in trouble.

        leave it alone and use your intellect to create progress for yourself – its a better use of your energy.

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