Time. Value. Money.

You ever sat down and looked at a clocks’ second hand tick a full sixty seconds? Seems like an eternity, doesn’t it. What most people forget to realize is those very physical hands on a clock tell a very hypothetical story, the story of time.

You’ve heard it over and over again, the phrase “time is money”. As a young-er entrepreneur, it took me a lengthy five years to completely understand that phrase. That understanding was costly, and not in the traditional sense of the word costly. The cost was time. Time itself was the main factor in helping me realize that time is more valuable than money, which seems very obvious, right? Wrong. In daily life, time is just some often overlooked parallax that most people could care less about. So it’s easy to lose track, not put much effort into, or not even notice an entire year or two or three has passed.

There is a calculable amount of people that fully understand how valuable time is, and the majority of them are entrepreneurs and business people. If you were to look back into history, you can see how thorough some of the great minds of the world documented their use of time. Ben Franklin for one, had a very detailed journal of how he spent his time. Could it be that simple? Get a hold of your time and how you use it, and you could be successful. Possibly, but in Ben Franklins’ time, there wasn’t this thing we call the internet. The internet, may be the greatest advancement in technology in history. Though the internet can help many, it can also hurt their time.

Now that we realize the value of time, we must try and protect it to our best abilities. Our greatest enemy of our generation in the war to balance our time is the internet. Endless amounts of information and entertainment at the tips of our fingers is always ready for consumption. You know, I know, we all know that certain websites take up insurmountable amounts of time. As a worker of the internet and computers in general, I had to take a stand and try to keep my time in my best interests. I got to work and tried to figure out how I could solve such a problem. What I came up with, was a hybrid of a productivity web app/plugin/website that solves the problem of procrastination while trying to work on the internet. I called it TimerVise.

User experience is our main focus. We are trying to make our users as efficient as possible while they’re working on their projects online. I don’t want to go on and on or into specifics with it, but I wanted to point out how valuable time is. If you’re convinced now, or already know, please take the time to sign up at our site www.timervise.com and we’ll email you as soon as we launch.

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