Is it time to give up?

I quit my day job earlier this year to start my own business. I’ve been broke and miserable ever since. I really thought things would be booming, I would get paid what I’m supposed to for my services and life would be great. Freedom to make your own schedule, enjoy your family and friends etc..

NOPE. This is harder than expected, not only that it is a lot of work and I can’t stand working hard for no reason or for free. If I knew I had to work so hard I would’ve dealt with the nonsense at my day job.

I thought I loved what I did but now I resent it.  I have no  kind of enthusiasm to bother with this, not like when I first started. Especially since I have to work so hard for it to be where I want it to be for my life. As soon as I think I have one thing under control some more random events, to irritate me come up.

Now, there is no turning back and I hate putting effort into this with no results. I have no patience to wait for things to grow.. and I’m tired of hearing that.. Things need to happen now. Of course that’s way too much to ask for. Why? I simply do not know.

I regret this decision deeply and refuse to get another day job to be even more miserable. I’m stuck with this crap now. Once I think I have another grand idea that (in my mind) will increase soon as the idea is implemented– FAIL. Why try then?? Has anyone else ever felt this way?

  • Hah, welcome to the start-up entrepreneur world. Long hours, hard work, no pay. Maybe it would help to set yourself milestones and weekly achieveables, so you can have a sense of progress and accomplishment. Plus you still have the freedom of your own hours and no boss. Maybe do a market feasibility study to test your idea and strategically develop it, find other entrepreneurs to work witg alibg the way even to just bounce ideas off. At least you have a better sense for your calling

    • Of course its hard and will test every gram of will power, resourcefulness and self you have in you. If you can make it, youll have total financial and life freedom and do what you truly enjoy, while being able to grow and challenge yourself everyday, its half the fun.If not, theres always getting a job. If this was easy everyone would do it

  • I was broke for the first 6 years. As long as you’re learning from your mistakes you’ll get the hang of it eventually. Try not to get burned out.

  • I feel just like you. Been working about 2.5 years for no money and paying out every penny I have and can borrow into my startup. It has sucked out my safety net and the creative energy and optimism that made me who I am.

    Im no stranger from entrepeneurship and hustle. I started businesses in high school and throughout my life. I’ve had non-tech small businesses in the past, where you bust your ass for 6 months for 20 hr days, and you make money. At minimum. Some money. This ish is a very different kind of “entrepeneurship”. Its the most energy draining, mind draining, pressure cooker type, 24/7, mentally isolating, social & relationship crippling undertaking I’ve ever been a founder within, and I’ve been in some very tough industries over the years. Despite demand and some industry success, I’m seriously looking at getting a day job. Just for the interaction with others, and the knowledge I’ll have a check coming in every two weeks that can relieve many problems & stresses that are killing my optimism & energy for my startup.

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