Do you think this will get funded?

I created a social network over a year ago. The traffic has grown since just from my SEO work. It’s now getting 15,000 daily visitors on the site and 200+ new users daily.

I see from my analytics that users are googling my site’s name to look for something specific. So my site has became a brand. The site is mobile optimized. But I still think I need to build my own mobile app to take this to the next level. And users are asking for it.

My problem is, I don’t have revenue. But I am confident I can grow the site to millions of users with enough funding to develop the mobile site. All the backend has been taken care. So only the UI and call for the data is needed.

How much do you think I can get funded knowing that I have a product/brand… I got 15,000 daily users…. but no revenue.

I am a solo technical founder.

  • You should be proud that you got your site to 15,000 daily visitors in a single year. The vast majority of social networks don’t get that far.

    Unfortunately, unless you built a social network for yacht owners, you’re going to need millions of visitors, not thousands. If your growth rate is accelerating and not slowing down then consider approaching some incubators/accelerators.

  • I agree with most of these comments. With most social network models, to get the money, you will need more visitors. However, with the right unique value proposition, demonstrated accelerated growth, and brand recognition angel money wouldn’t be impossible to find. Have you considered crowd funding?

  • Your numbers are good for 1 year of work.

    1] Find a differentiator. You don’t mention but hopefully you are not same as existing ones. You have to differentiate . eg:

    2] You don’t mention engagement. This is most important. Track everything but don’t obsess over vanity metrics. Obsess over engagement. Are they texting each other, emailing, uploading pics, comments, like. How is that going?

    If that’s good, you are golden. If not focus on power users, see why they are using and get more of them.

    3] Yes you can get funding given that you also have a good cofounder/team.

    Apply to YC.

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