Think twice, Mahbod Moghadam haters.

So, Mr. Crazy as Fuck, Mahbod Moghadam, ex-Rap Genius whatever, gave us a little unfiltered insight this weekend into his crazy as fuck habits:

Or … maybe it’s not crazy.

I, for one, am sick and tired of hearing bullshit stories from founders about how peachy and perfect their personal and professional lives are. While I may not agree with what Mr. Crazy as Fuck has done, I can step back and appreciate his willingness to be open and honest. Writing as if he gives less than one fuck about what other people think. I respect the candidness and personally find it refreshing.

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute. What exactly are you so bent out of shape about: that he stole from Whole Foods, or that he has the gall to talk about it openly?

Are you so high horse, bible-banging perfect that you can’t relate in some way? Or maybe, and this may sound fuckin’ nuts, you’re disguising your own dirty secrets by publicly chasticising someone who isn’t afriad to disclose their own.

Yep, I said it.

Is it possible that you’re so afraid that someone might find out about your own nasty habits that you need to put others down to declare, “I’m better than this piece of shit”?

Maybe it makes you feel better and helps you justify the decisions you’ve made?

I’m not perfect. I’ve stolen before and can admit that I’m not living an honest life. I would guess that I’m not alone by a long shot.

Whether he’s clinically sane or not, at least he can go to sleep with a clear conscience.  That’s more than I can say (as I write this anonymously). 

  • OP: Think twice before labeling obvious signs of mental disturbance as fresh. Dude clearly has probs. Below are examples of stuff he says (reposting without the source links as system flagged that as spam). But they’re all there on his timeline:

    “TRUE LOVE is when you don’t care what the girl’s vagina looks like”
    “Imagine if you were the ONLY ugly girl on “Friends” – Lisa Kudrow is living that life….”
    “I’m turning thirty-two, I’m a dirty jew…”
    “Top 3 people who can suck my dick: 1. Tom Lehman 2. Mark Zuckerberg 3. Warren Buffett”
    “can’t wait until I have 1944 followers on twitter so that I can think about the holocaust more often……..”


    • Ah so, he crazy long time!

      But WTF in dead raccoon land was host Josh Constine wearing on his head?! Like, is a wig or his? Joke or real life? Does he have friends or just secret haters who laugh quietly behind his back? Is that the official barometer for hipster struggle overboard? So many questions.

  • Not trying to be rude, but the more you think about how “sick and tired you are” from certain people around you, the less energy you have to spend on the things that really matter.

    Think about that for a second.

  • I’m sick and tired of hearing about founders who are doing legitimately harmful things to people around them and the sycophants who confuse it with honesty or honor. Saying your life is a mess = honest. Stealing from a store and trying to get more people to do it = dishonest. Defending it = disgusting.

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