The Carpet Baggers

As the co-founder of a three year old biotechnology startup in which over two million dollars of personal capital has been invested, upon starting fundraising for our A round we have had a bunch of clowns walk in our door and offer to “Introduce” us to “Investors” for 10% of the funds raised AND 10% of the company! They all know someone or someone’s and have nothing to bring to the table themselves. These bottom feeders will suck time and resources from the get go. Be aware and develop a good sense of smell and kick them to the curb ASAP.

  • I’m sure you’re wondering why no one has responded to this. Maybe because you used a racist and derogatory term as your headline. Kinda hard to give you sympathy or care enough to keep typing.

    • is “Carpet Bagger” racist? i didn’t think so. maybe because someone who has two million in personal money don’t really need anything else much.

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