How to Stay focused and not starve or be homeless again?

I moved to a small college town and live like a college student to minimize my expenses. I am the only startup entrepreneur in the entire town, no one at all knows how it is here. It’s too easy to get distracted with getting drunk and all the BS.

I took up freelancing as an architect to cover my living expenses, which really takes a lot of my time and mental energy/focus, but maybe once or twice a week, I can put a full day to the startup.

When I get paid from freelancing, I somehow end up going drinking, wasting all my money and not doing startup stuff. Hm, how can I change my ways and stay focused and energetic on the company?


  • You know, they actually went and did a study on human behaviour. They found that the most succesful people are the ones who can delay gratification.

    Priorotize, write down your goals and stay focussed. If you are able to achieve your weekly goals, only then give yourself a treat and go get a drink. If not, just stay in and work to complete your goals.

    Everyone works differently. For some, going out gives much needed reset from the daily churn and they are still able to be productive. For someone else, cutting out all the distractions work. Decide what gives you maximum productivity since that is what you want and go from there.

    • Ah, we’re out of funding. My freelance work isn’t going to get us there.

      Lost my house.

      Spent the past 1-2 months on a seed round going hard through LinkedIn, limited success, no actual funding.

      So Cest le vie.

  • Take a hard look at your drinking. I had to. I started going to meetings, and everything changed. You start working on your business instead of being drunk or hungover.

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