Shoutout to married+3 kids SF VC who was macking on another female.

He and female reporter got hot n heavy into each other at offsite event (they’re both from SF). Assumed he was single until I stumbled upon his facebook page that shows he’s very married with 3 kids!Β  Always hear about how practically all VC dudes (esp. in California) cheat around but wow!

  • As opposed to all the rich bankers, lawyers, doctors, etc who keep it in their pants. They’re dudes and they’re powerful. When you start thinking you’re untouchable you just want to touch everything.

  • I am not sure, what for this shout is about?

    Name and shame, all VC’s are wankers, don’t send woman to negotiate, do send a woman to negotiate, track them down and tell their wife (who probably knows about it already), blackmail them to get $$$ ….

    Cheating happens everywhere…

    SA, what’s the purpose of this post?

  • He’s a man, not God. Just keep yours in your pants and do your diligence before sharing it. If he wants to play roulette with his piece, that’s none of your business.

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