Shit VCs

Here are some shitty VCs that give you unprofessional and unrealistic expectations as a founder. Stay away from them.

Slow Ventures

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  • Care to elaborate?

    Did they not fund you and you’re bitter, or is there something more behind your statement?

    I think Catalyst VC is shit, but it’s based on this douche of an associate that asked to meet, we show up ahead of schedule, the guy goes over on his meeting with someone else by an eff’n hour. Meanwhile, even though we’re sitting within eye sight, he never acknowledges our presence or gives us any indication that he’s trying to wrap up. We ended up walking out, but 55 minutes too late in my opinion.

    I think calling out VC’s bad behavior is helpful to other entrepreneurs, but just calling them shitty without context doesn’t do much.

    Would love to hear more.

  • Good grief, that’s what you call “being shitty”?? I’m a founder who raised a good bit of VC back in the late 90’s. If you want the money, you will inevitably have to endure more. If I were Catalyst, I would just assume that you really didn’t want the money bad enough to wait.

    Shitty is when your over-inflated ego of a VC wrecks a $100-150m purchase of your company because he was greedy and wanted “North of $200m”. That sucked. And then there were all the hostile board meetings for the next 5 year.

    Read this gem about eBay and AOL deal talk if you want to understand how the real world works. But as a founder, I do wish you the best of luck. VCs are rarely ‘fun’.

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