What Selling Drugs Taught Me About Business — Part 2

So it was late, I had just smoked a joint and for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to tell the world about my adventures in life and business. 

I felt the need for a part 2 because I really did not discuss in detail what selling drugs taught me about business.

At age 18 I had an idea. How about I sign a contract for a piece of property and sell that piece of paper for $10-20k more.

I had a freind, let’s call him Steve, that had been around since I was 15. Steve had a car, a good family and a valid drivers license. He was the perfect driver/transporter. Steve had taken a job at local real estate investors home helping finish his basement. When I heard about his employers profession, I wanted to meet him to discuss my idea.

When meeting Steve’s employer, I explained my plan and he informed me that what I wanted to do was flip property. Kind of like weed. Go to the bank (grower) to get the best price, in turn allowing me to undercut the market to control the market using OPM (other people’s money) to close the deal and get paid.

Within weeks, Mike approaches me with a deal. 5 condos at $60k a piece. Each condo was valued at over $86k and had a renter.

I had to come up with $5,000 earnest money in order to sign the contract. The owner probably looked at me as a stupid kid who was about to loose $5k. I had two months to sell all five condos or loose the money.

Within a month and a half the condos where sold. Two to a cash buyer, and three to a father and son. Because it was an assignment of contract and this was 2008, the start of the melt down, seasoning on title was required. So we forfeited the money and had my broker/partner do a net listing on the property. This would allow the bank to see the owners name on the contract and we would acquire the balance after the agreed $60k.

My pitch to the father was the to give his son an opportunity to build an investment. The two condos rented would cover his living expenses why he was in school providing a decent profit when sold.

I was 21, it was October and I was trying to think of what business venture I should start. By this time, I was legitimate and running my first successful legal business.

Sitting back, I start to contemplate how much I could sell real trees for (Christmas trees). I started to google tree farms (the grower) and figure out pricing.

After speaking to one of the sweetest ladies you have ever met, I had a deal to buy 1,000 Christmas trees and have them shipped the day after thanksgiving (30 days later).

My plan was to find the best location on the busiest road and sell the best quality Christmas trees for the cheapest price.

My starting price was $25 and this provided you a number one quality Fraser fir Christmas tree, a $60 value at any other lot.

Within 30 days I found the perfect lot and by the end of the season, 21 and never having sold a Christmas tree in my life, I was buying out all the competition because they could not sell their trees.

I will leave you with this; God is amazing. It was not until I cleaned up my life and allowed him to guide me, that I truly experienced success. He kept me safe when I should have been put in jail for life or shot to death. Now he allows me to be a carrier of blessings.

Patience is faith in God that his plan is better then ours. Don’t be greedy. Don’t get mad when things don’t go your way, it was not meant to be. When it is you will know and be so thankful it did not happen any other way. Cheers and God Speed!


  • Ok, you are successful. You lived a hard life, took risks, and get reward. I respect that. And I don’t believe in God. But when you say things like “Patience is faith in God that his plan is better then ours” I can’t stay quiet. Please be decent ! You sold drugs. You certainly ruined life for thousands people. Some children probably died because of you. Their beloved are still crying and won’t never stop suffering. Don’t become a shameless preacher. Assume who you are. You can be respected without calling God.

    • I think I missed the part where the OP said he forced drugs into peoples hands and held a gun to their head while they smoked it.

      Well now that we know the OP apparently forced people to make terrible decisions and is a child murderer because he sold a drug that is mainly legal in the US now, I guess we can move on to his business lessons right?

      I have a feeling you often have a problem staying quite, you’d learn a lot more if you looked to learn rather than condemn.

  • I am sure countless children died due to inhaling mariujana. I can’t believe that I would look to a higher being after making it out of life and death situations countless times. I must be crazy. I was impatient and sold drugs in order to provide a luxury lifestyle for myself. This was my plan. My plan was beginning to ruin my life and like you said, possibly others. When I realized my actions where not conducive to myself and surroundings, I prayed. I asked for guidance and the ability to provide for myself in a legal manner. Months later an individual from my past was put back into my life. His current profession at the time lead me to develop my first legitamte business that has been in business for 7 years now. I understand you may not agree with my stance and opinion. Hell you thing that weed kills kids. However if I where to continue living life according to my plan I would not be writing this response right now. Life may be good for you, it may not, but it can always be better. When life is not going according to plan it’s time time to change the plan. Good luck to you and thank you for the response.

    • Sorry, I thought you sold other drugs, not only weed. It’s my mistake. I apologize for my first message which was largely exaggerated in this context. I wish you the best in your new life and business.

  • The hard-truths of life. Some people struggle to survive, some people born with wealth.

    It took humbleness to share this story, the different faces of life.

  • your story is true. entrepreneurs does variety of tasks and on your early stage of growth you already ventures on a job but later changed to business idea of which you tried and things were not working right hence you were failing faster that means flexibility, actually you were changing faster and risking though it was a risky business idea that invovles killing and letting others suffer hence condemened in the bible but all the same you got an entrepreneur skill and now you are a great business man. thank God he is grate, he direct our thoughts and sort our plans Amen!

  • Im 21 and im doing the same thing ive been selling since i was 16 but really started to get serious and smart about saving and investing these last 6 months.i plan on having a business within a year. Now im selling cars also and its going great. God is good i know one day ill reach all my goals. Thanks for the story it was a great read.

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