Never quit your day job too quickly … It can hurt!!!

Not a single day goes by when I don’t regret my decision on that day. It all started on the day I decided to dive into the world of entrepreneurship & quit my comfortable day job. I had other co-founders whom I placed immense trust in. When I quit, we were ready with our product & needed to launch it (having got our idea validated initially !). Our team was perfect, perfect enough to land an investor to invest into us. I even acquired few of the early clients for our initial launch.

But things fall apart, when I realized their intentions. Seems like they were not fine in coming out of their comfort of quitting day job & start working for this thing full time. I never insisted that anyone quit their jobs & start working with me full time. All I expected was sheer completion of their responsibility, which they also failed to do.

For them, it was just side project & only I was the only one working seriously for this thing (having given up my day job).

Later, when things started moving forward, there was need for others to work full time as I was alone working here (we were located in different cities). But none turned up.

Later, I found out that no one was ready to come until we land investment. C’mon man! What the shit? Even investors would also like to see how committed the team is towards their biz. And here out of 4, only 1 was working his ass off day & night.

That was such a shock for me, as I never expected that…seriously…. And the result, the launch got delayed due to their carelessness, laziness (what else to say!!!)  & we never launched. The clients I acquired got away … All the hard work & risk got flushed…. And here I am now, frustrated, lost… no job…nothing!!! Seriously I made big mistake in picking the right people to work with… Thats what they say, getting the right partners is as important as getting a good product for any startup to succeed….

I know this is long, maybe I just opened up what’s all going on inside … I am seriously lost now ui… Family members, friends all not happy with this… but what to do…….Honestly, I am completely ruined …

  • I am laughing because I have gone through the same thing. Difference being I quit my job because it was 6 figure sales based. You can’t do both. I have a partner that will never quit her job and makes 6 figures, only started saving for retirement because I told them to, had successful investments because I told them to…. And who pays for it in the lack of support – me.

    Some people are employees and I knew the deal when I started so I won’t blame them for losses. I blame investors for being so stupid to not understand that a founding team won’t always have A risk absorbent players. Because I can’t make an investor smarter or any less risk adverse, I focus on what I can.

    I am now in the process of building everything on my own. Yes, it will slow me down, yes it will take longer, but in the end I am going to reap all the rewards and am happy to say be able to bonus out my employees more.

    If I were you, I would buy out the half assed not really founder founders (who the hell doesn’t jump when they have revenue, investors, and belief – employees), focus on making the money and customers myself and build it on my own, never asking for a dime again. Because if your business can make $100k on its own and turn it into $300k the next year and $900k the following, you can hire/develop/strategize your way up the ladder without the risk of someone else’s money. Now clearly, money makes things go faster with a validated product and the perfect team in place, but if you truly believe, it won’t matter how long it takes or that it doesn’t go according to plan. You do the best with what you got to move forward.

    I’m literally at ground zero and building myself back up. I know for a fact that this time next year, my company will have made $3m in revenue. It is far from what our team is capable of, but it’s what we got. I’d rather bet on my super employees than ever pitch some investor, accelerator, or VC ever again.

    Not everyone has what it takes to go all the way. You did it, so keep going. In the end, it will pay off.

    Or, you can get a job and call it a day. Neither response is wrong. Do what’s best for you.

  • Talks to my experience as well. Happened to me three times in different scenarios. 95% of people are like this – most want to be a “founder” but as soon as they see the reality of the typical founder life they stay within the safety of their job. Part of your responsibility as a founder and ceo is to really understand your partners and what drives them. Most people act very differently from what they say in-person.

    Regardless, I also went solo when my founders bailed out and was able to build a decent lifestyle business that gives me opportunities to experiment with other products.

    Congratulations your knowledge of human nature has now increased and you’ll be in better shape next time. It’s a marathon not a sprint! 🙂

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