Microsoft keeps taking my ideas, seriously!

I used to work at Microsoft a few dozen times on some big projects before they came out over the decades. Been at this since the late 70’s…

After I left Redmond, I noticed something strange. Every time my startup would release an application, Microsoft would release the same thing the following week. Word by word, verbatim, even their product descriptions had the same words and meanings; these coincidences were too similar as the words/terms used were things never before used in technology and I had just thought of them in the same context. So the second to last time I did a release, I trademarked my terms and they still did the same thing again, using my terms and wording on there products. So I sent a letter to Satya for violating my trademark as it was confusing my consumers and they still are using the wording and terms, but not as a product name anymore. Well the last product release I did, of course they did the same thing, trying to release an identical rushed product out the door, so I added a block to my servers that blocks everyone from the MSFT campus and ip’s from accessing my domains. That’s about as much as I can do.

  • Well they can access it from outside of their campus and steal it again. Is there any copyright policy? Can you sue them?

    How big companies handle this situation?

  • OP: Instead of whining, you better get the internet on the case. Meaning, try it by social media: round up all the twitter and FB followers of yourself, your team members, friends etc. Craft a blog post complete with timelines, screenshots, etc that shows MSFT’s guilt. Aside from your network, do extensive search of people with large# of followers (prioritized by those with an interest in your space) and contact all of them with your story and 1 request: to mention it to their crowd and if tweeting, to @mention MSFT, Satya too. If you have to, pay where applicable. Contact all relevant press and bloggers too and if they’re on it, they will ask MSFT, Satya for comment. For perfect storm, pick a date and time then tell your network to please blog/post/tweet then to increase chances of virality. Then let the internet do its work.

    You’re welcome.

  • Change your name. Go to a foreign country, the most exotic you can find. Then live a normal life far from Microsoft stealing your ideas. Seriously!

    Before that, you may try something: imagine, develop, and launch a product which contains a bomb inside. A bomb you alone can stop. If MS steal it, they will suffer of that and the world will know they stole your IP.

    But do not sue them. It’s pointless. You can’t win, or if you can win, it would take so much time you will die one century before trial.

  • If like you say they copied you word for word why don’t you just out them publicly? I’m sensing you’re pulling a fast one on us.

  • If Microsoft is releasing the exact same thing, right after you do, I’d look seriously into whether they’re outright copying, or perhaps an employee is leaking your work. Or maybe outright industrial sabotage.

    Another alternative is to see if you can parlay this amazing capability into a job at Google: chief Microsoft next app predictor. Tongue in cheek, but with a serious core.

  • Boeing did the same thing to me. I was building my own 787 right as they released theirs (sarcasm). I sense bullshit with this post. Why wouldn’t you expose them publicly especially if it wasn’t a one-time occurrence?

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