Markus Frind for Startup President

Stumbled across this gem from a Hackers News post:

Ever since I first heard about Plenty of Fish, I’ve been enamored with what this guy was able to accomplish on his own. Didn’t need funding, a co-founder, TechCrunch article, marquee advisors, tight jeans, pitch deck, perfect UI or any other bullshit that we’re led to believe we need. Hell, he didn’t even need a team.

Read a lot about Markus and his story and I don’t believe he’s an exceptional case. Timing certainly helped, but what he accomplished can be replicated. That’s not to discredit his talent and success, it’s only to say that what he was able to do can be done by anyone. That is, anyone willing to put in the effort and figure shit out on their own.

I, for one, am completely inspired. In fact, because he’s an average guy he’s become more relatable for me. He doesn’t talk about all-nighters as a prerequisite and he certainly doesn’t talk about the grind of pitching 300 investors to raise from 5.

Makes you wonder why we put Kevin Rose on a pedestal and not Markus Frind? 

  • I don’t know of anyone who puts Kevin Rose on a pedestal, the guy is a douche.

    But I agree with your sentiment.

  • Markus Frind may have come a long way, but he ain’t no saint. He was known for forever inflating his business stats back in the day and not being able to prove it or allow outsiders to verify it (private co.), also allegedly posting fake profiles to inflate user stats, etc. Google back a few years.

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