Getting tired of FounderDating

So, despite the terrible name, the concept behind FounderDating seemed pretty solid: somewhat of a curated membership so it’s people in the game or mentors who want to help others.  The most valuable element (to me) is the forum. I’ve spent some time trolling through there, and have picked up some really great advice that was freely shared.

However, recently the moderation of that forum seems to be… overly sensitive. I got an email update that a new topic had posted which sounded interesting to me, but when I followed the link I got the “Message moderated – check out other great discussions below” GTFO message they throw.

Either have a damn forum where people can freely converse or don’t, but don’t claim to be helping people connect and communicate if you’re randomly deleting shit.

The apparently non-useful question (not mine): Pre-Product/Pre-Rev Looking to Find and Sign up a Strategic PartnerThe idea is to have strategic partnerships with industry specific corporations, having them pay out of the marketing budget, which ultimately funds the startup and leaves us free of VC’s. Of course I’m open to them, but in an ideal world, this is what we are going for. Has anyone here accomplished this? Curious about process and deal structure, etc.

  • The best part of founder dating is trying to unsubscribe from that email list. You will find yourself mysteriously resubscribed a few months later…

  • That’s a very useful question. They are asking for people who have successfully done that to get their company going. I don’t understand why you are so annoyed. People have different levels of experience in these matters. It’s not that hard to answer that question…

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