Farewell to my Friend in Tech

My friend,

I know that you’ll read this somehow and you’ll know who it’s from. Don’t worry though, I don’t expect a response. 🙂

I just heard the news today and I am devastated. I’m crushed really and I just need to say some things. 

We just saw each other a few weeks ago and you looked as healthy as you’ve always been. I’m trying to relive our entire conversation that evening and remember if you said anything about feeling ill. I’m so confused, I just don’t understand what happened? I know that what happened isn’t important any longer, but I can’t stop wondering. I don’t want to believe it. You’re way too young to leave this world. 

We didn’t see each other that often, but when we did, I always loved it. Of course, now that you’re gone, I wish I had spent more time around you. You’re leaving me with that important lesson, which I’ll always give you credit for. If you find someone that you love to be around — spend as much time as you can with them. Sorry it took this to teach me something so obvious.  

That isn’t (and won’t be) your legacy though. That isn’t why I like you so much. Your kindness. Your interest in others. Your generosity. Your soul. The way you speak about your wife and children. Your passion. You ARE and will always be a great man. And I know, with 100% certainty, that I am NOT the only one that see’s this in you. I’ve seen the messages you’ve received. I’ve seen the impact you’ve made. You’re leaving us standing tall, sir. You did your part in making this a better place.

I’m sorry for being so wrapped up in my own world that I only found out today. I’m sorry that I was shitty in returning your emails. I’m sorry that I haven’t spent more time helping you with your product that you’re so passionate about. I’m sorry that I never gave you, what you gave me. I’m especially sorry for what your family is enduring right now. They were your world, and I know you were theirs. 

You’re inspiring in so many ways, we can only hope to live up to your legacy. I commit to you today though — from here on out, I will live like you. 

I will miss you dearly my friend. RIP.

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