Everything gone suddenly

My friends and I used to get small projects around the city. I’m still a student(final year). Around December one of my friend’s brother showed interest in investing and we are about to get a big project through one of his contacts. He wanted to set up a big office so we rented a place ant started setting up an office.

My dreams started to some true. I’m gonna have a team and start working on the project. But suddenly everything became dark. Turns out the investor wanted to start a business behind his family’s back.

We tried very hard to convince them but his family is not allowing him to set up a second business. Every one of us including him put our heart and everything in this project and everything ended before we could even begin. The office is closed now. It’s hard to imagine how suddenly everything comes to an end.

  • That’s the tough law of business. Nothing’s done until money is in the bank. Later on, you’ll have investors discussion huge sums of money with you all day long for months and then pull out for no reasons at all.

    Investors are necessary assholes, as you’ll soon figure out.

    • It wouldn’t have been so hard if we didn’t get the money at all. We set up the office and we are about to start working and suddenly everything collapsed. That’s what makes it so hard.

      • I feel really sorry for you.

        I had the same experience. Investor signed for a X investment. Sent the first 10%, then after few weeks of hesitation, he stopped.

        I felt devastated. But I kept going. Exactly a year later, we’re raising ten times more with a better valuation. We already have all the commitments. And I’m very very scared that the same happens.

        Investors are assholes. Most of them anyway.

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