What the eff entrepreneurs?!

I keep reading scared this, scared that posts/comments. This is scary. You knew getting into it that it would be. Get it together, be financially smart, become the domain expert of your space and realize that you have some leverage with this all.

You should know your space better than anyone – you hold those cards. You’re the expert on your idea – you hold these cards.

Get some traction/proof of concept because the money fairy isn’t going to deliver a bag of cash for you to have fun with. You don’t have to go homeless for your dream, you just need a job and work on it part time. Not everyone should quit their jobs to work on their passion, fact.

Own your space, be smart and kill it.

From: A swift kick in the a$$

  • Agreed. You’re gonna need a lot thicker skin than many of the posters here if you’re going to succeed as an entrepreneur.

    However, that doesn’t mean you should follow every crappy idea to the grave, either.

  • OP, have you ever done a startup yourself? Or are you just an armchair spectator?

    People know what startups are like. It doesn’t mean it gets any easier. It’s a constant battle. Every day, every hour, every minute, every second.

    It doesn’t get any easier for serial entrepreneurs, either.

    No one wants to look weak. Everyone puts up a positive front (“we’re crushing it!!!”). Everyone hates that question, “how’s your startup going?” and having nothing to show. So much uncertainty. So much risk. It’s constantly there. Even for big shots. There’s absolutely no 100% security (unless you’re a millionaire or something).

    It’s fucking scary as hell. Emotional rollercoaster all the time. You might develop a minor pseudo case of bipolar disorder in terms of having highs and lows.

    • +1.

      OP you will only understand this when you do it yourself. And then I grantee it you will be here expressing the same things we are.

  • I really agree with where you’re coming from. Tough love is indeed important, especially with what I sometimes read on the site.

    However, I do like reading about the emotional side of entrepreneurship, the dark corners media and the public tends to ignore. Its nice to know I can connect with someone who’s in that place right now.

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