Driverless cars.. Really? Then why is every car manufacturer focused on being the fastest from 0 to 60 mph?

I’ve worked on the cutting edge of driverless car technology for the past 5 years. But it seems that for big players like Audi, Tesla and other auto manufacturers, safety & driverless car technology has become more of a PR gimmick. High end cars which can afford to have this technology installed are still advertised as being the fastest from 0 to 60 mph. If car/motorcycle manufacturers are really concerned about driver safety then don’t advertise the vehicles as being speed machines.

Both these sentiments are at great odds with each other. I was quite disappointed when at the unveiling of the new Tesla D, Elon Musk said that the “car is like a personal roller coaster”. Do we really need a roller coaster on the road? And over this weekend, Audi had their driverless RS7 driving around an “empty” race track. Well, to be fair, Google is only trying to find futuristic ways to track users and sell more location based ads. I guess the reason for it is that safety is boring. Speed actually thrills and sells.

Unless the big players make a concerted effort to change buyer sentiment and ideas, driverless car technology will take another 25 years to become mainstream.

  • Cutting edge technologies are always expensive when they first come out. And to sell it, you have to sell it to the people who are looking to flaunt their wealth. Speed and performance is one sure way to do it.

    Then the technology becomes mainstream, prices come down and you sell on more of the practical benefits that the regular folks are looking for like safety.

    Sure the Prius didn’t follow that route, but I guess maybe the Japanese take a different angle with their innovations.

    • OP here. I’m a startup founder myself. The reason I posted it here is because I felt a lot of entrepreneurs and investors visit this site. If only some would feel the same about the barriers to this technology.

  • In my humble opinion driveless option for high end vehicles will remain just that – an option. One of the reasons to buy a high end vehicle is for the pure thrill of riding it yourself, not to have it ride you from place to place.

  • Comfort. Safety. Speed. Status. Economy. Off the top of my head, these are the buttons to push to sell cars. Some buttons are pushed harder for certain cars, while ignoring the others.

    Autonomous driving is simply not the market for Speed. You are mixing your buttons – these are not the cars that will be autonomous.

  • Big car manufacturers have no interest in making driverless cars….it’s against their business sense. Right now an average household has 2 cars…if there was a driverless car, you’d only need one. Less cars sold.

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