Drinking too much – starting to negatively impact my health, which dimishes my ability to run the business

I find myself at 30 in a good position as a startup founder – received some angel funding and on track to raise $3.6MM to put our factory into production.

That being said, the people I spend my free time with are 5+ years younger and I don’t happen across many people my age. I find myself binge drinking on the weekends and it takes the starch out of my sails for days after and puts my mind to mush. I think the root of it is that I feel a bit

I think the root of it is that I feel a bit isolated and lonely, just working by myself all week with limited human interaction. My house plants are about the only ones who can relate. Really, I find myself at the age where being in a romantic relationship would bring some fulfilment and emotional support. I’m from the

I’m from the Northern US and live in the South, the culture is quite different. There have been several prospects, but they all really seem to have some issues where it wouldn’t work out and really don’t deserve me.

I’d like to stop drinking and take up more healthy behaviors and share my life experience with another person, which I feel will not only be spiritually and emotionally enriching but will induce a life a fullness, where I can operate on top of my game in running the business.

  • Perhaps you could join a community of founders like yourself. You might check out “Reboot” https://www.reboot.io/

    They offer 1×1 coaching and also virtual groups. This might support you in connecting with people you resonate more with, who are in the midst of the same kinds of opportunities and challenges you face and have a higher level of overall maturity than folks who are five or more years younger with you. And Reboot focuses on the personal/professional development of the founder, but provides in their groups a context of community.

  • Tough love: It’s easy to say you’re drinking too much because of the people you hang out with, you’d make healthier choices if you were in a relationship, etc… But at the end of the day YOU are the one who chooses the company you keep, and YOU are the one who decides what to put in your body. Yes, the novelty of a new relationship can be a good catalyst for turning into your best self, but it takes really working on yourself (as opposed to trying to impress someone else) to make it last.

    If your “off-duty” activities aren’t serving you, pick some new ones to do with the same amount of hours. Learn what the kinds of people you want to be friends with do, and do that. Take up a sport, learn to cook healthy food, get into a new hobby – all of those are great ways to get healthier and meet like-minded people.

  • Op here.

    I appreciate the reference and the advice.

    Makes sense. Probably to have to spend some time alone and away from the bars for awhile. At least until I can build up an inner circle of people that resonate with me; even at startup events, not all of us will ever be good friends, but every once in awhile someone seems like a person worth spending time with outside the event. Some female CEOs are pretty righteous and we’ve had some good conversations. They’re often traveling and seem to let on they’d like to meetup after the event.

    Maybe join some meetups or buy an xbox and become a hermit.

    I feel like I resonate best with really high vibration people and would get along well with some of the most successful – celebrity types. Maybe use the law of attraction to make it happen.

    What is life anyway?

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