The cost of office space

In order for my “co-founder” to let me use his garage and work, I have to get him laid.

What I mean by this is that I have to go out and meet new girls (or re-kindle old flames) and get them to go out with him. Then if he gets laid that month with a new chick that I foist onto him, I can keep using the garage. I am technically now an engineer as well as a pimp.

…Whatever it takes, right?

  • If you are not a troll. I understand perfectly why your startup will fail. Number 1, your cofounder is an idiot. Number 2, you are even more of an idiot. Here’s why:

    Let’s say that your office rent is $1,000 per month. He’s offering to pay you $500 per girl he sleeps with. When if he had the $500, he could spend the money at bars and meet a girl who would have sex for him for the cost of her drinks because she wanted to have sex. He could do this every weekend and who knows, maybe meet someone who would continue to have sex with him for just being a seemingly half way decent guy. Why on earth would he over invest in sex like that?

    You’re an idiot because you’re over estimating your ability to pimp. You have nothing to offer the girls in exchange for sleeping with him. Which means, you are not only paying the $500 in lost equity, you are also paying for the drinks and even more drinks because it will require a girl sooo drunk or a couple girls sooo drunk that they go back to the office with you and there is no guarantee they will sleep with either of you. So you’re out at least $1k/mo on your own.

    You’re both idiots because these girls could additionally have incurable STD’s. 1 in 5 have herpes and there’s a new strand of gonnorhea that is incurable. So your risk factor increases each time you bring a girl back. All for…. $500 each in office space per month?

    Oh, and let’s not forget the overarching theme that you both are sexist pieces of crap for even having this discussion. Maybe if you realized the difference between a prostitute and a girl/woman you know and sleep with for free; you’d be smart enough to know that one costs money for sex. If you two idiots are having discussions like these, you not only have zero game or decency to bring a girl home to sleep with for free, you lack the common sense to make money to pay a girl to leave.

    Btw – I’m a woman. I’m not a lesbian, but I’m smart enough to get laid by women before you without the risk and overpaying for it.

    And also – you’re both really stupid. Chase the money and the girls chase you. If you work on who you are as a human, you’ll find the right girl.

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