My company refuses to fire slackers and it really demotivates me

I work for a large enterprise software company in the Bay Area and there are a few colleagues in my department that constantly “work from home” and they’ve been very casual to the team about the fact that they actually goof off. One of them blows off deadlines over and over and although he’s been getting reprimand letters, he’s still there after three years of underperforming. I really couldn’t care less, if not for the fact that the manager pushes the late work to the rest of us to “chip in” to make the date.

I’ve heard that it’s because HR is afraid of getting sued. What is wrong with employment laws if companies can’t just fire people who are obviously lazy and/or incompetent?

I’ve not been someone who is really interested in going into business for myself, but this blatant inefficiency makes me think if I could come up with a decent idea, I could run circles around my current company.

      • Companies in the U.S. don’t fire people who are just lazy because they would have to pay them unemployment while they look for a new job, which could take several years.

        This is why you’ll often find bad people in a company staying there for years, just because their employers don’t want to take the hit of paying unemployment benefits to them.

        This is also why it’s so important to hire the right people, so that you won’t have to deal with this sort of thing down the road.

  • Being surrounded by freeriding slacker deadwood used to enrage me. There’s a lot of it in corporate environments. The psychological trick I used on myself to stop being angry about it was to give myself a pat on the back for being so much better than them, and reflect on the fact that I’d never be out of work. When the company needs to cut headcount it’s the slackers who’ll get axed. Unless they’ve been kissing the right asses…

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