CEO lied, Investor Withdrew

I was hired six months ago as Head of Biz Dev to launch our product in new markets.

2 weeks after I joined, the CEO told me a big investor withdrew, so we could not close the investment round (when he told me it was a done deal before I signed my contract). Six month later, doing everything but my job (because I have zero budget obviously), we still haven’t closed and I find out that our business model is shaky.

I am so angry.

  • This happens all the time. When CEOs say an investment is a done deal, it means the money isn’t in the bank yet. I’m sorry you got burned.

    Start looking for other opportunities, and jump ship the moment you get a good enough offer.

  • A startups business model is always shaky until it is not. Facebook was never meant to grow so large. Mark Zuckerberg always planned to pivot it into another idea he was more passionate about but apparently it started getting legs and the rest is history.

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