I can finally breathe

Over the past few weeks it’s become abundantly clear that my marriage is over. We’ve had, what I thought was, a normal set of up’s and down’s but, when the lies came out I knew I couldn’t do this anymore. Yes, there were signs but I wanted it to work. For the past few weeks, I haven’t been able to work on my startup which, since it’s only me and I’m bootstrapped, it didn’t matter too much. I’m pretty sure I was depressed (self-diagnosed). I’ve never felt this level of insecurity along with depression, but today and oddly with the help of getting every small thought out on Whisper, I can breathe. I didn’t know when this day might come but oh my god how happy I am to have it.

There’s still so much more to go in finalizing the process, but I can get back to working on building a life and company which I’m proud of and, eventually, get back into meeting someone special.

  • Often people think they are depressed but the only thing they need to do is to get rid of the assholes in their life.

    Once I got rid of untruthful bitch, my life took a turn around. Happiness is my mate again!

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