Does anyone else feel like they are getting screwed?

I am seriously starting to feel like I’m getting screwed, all because I’m a white male. Seems like anywhere you go these days they are offering more opportunities and assistance to females, blacks, hispanics, anyone who is not a white male that’s not disabled, gay or a veteran. “Oh you’re a straight white male? Please go to the back of the line.” Why do I have to pay for shit I didn’t do? Am I wrong?

  • Bro I’m black and its hard out here for everybody. Blaming it on race is a cop out. What is your business plan? Do you have a business up and running and making revenue? Are you scanning the internet and just whining about inequality.

    Get some tenacity and go get your dream no VC and company will hire you if you go there and say you only invest in minorities. VC’s can care less its your ability to give them a exit. So yea…

  • A woman here …

    No one is giving me any handouts, no breaks, no returned calls, no returned emails. I’m struggling. I’d love to know where the help is going b/c it’s not in this direction.

  • I’m a black male. I am like the woman above in that I have a tough time getting investors to even agree to let me pitch them. As a white male, the OP has it far easier than any other race or gender category. Almost all VCs and angel investors are white males, so why would they discriminate against you? Look at all the founders who get most of the attention, it’s pretty much all white males.

  • I’m a gay Pacific Islander. No one has given me anything. We’ve gotten to here we are with our business on pure hustle. So quit your whining and bitching. Startups are hard so stop being a pussy.

  • I’m a battletoad living in a swamp. No one even answers my phone calls now. Everyone always assumes I’m trolling, even when I try and order pizza,

  • Yes. You are wrong.

    All (and it is barely anything at this time) that is going on is slight preferential treatment for noticeable minorities in our industry. We are so far out of balance that I’ve come to describe it as a Frat Party.

    Some insightful peoples are trying to break the unwritten rule that, for example, a good programmer is a nerdy white male under 30.

    You are not getting screwed. That white nerd privilege that you are used to still exists and dwarfs any sort of slight you think you have encountered. You simply don’t know what it’s like for people in the other categories.

    I am a male white nerd BTW. So also talking out of my ass too. I don’t know what it’s really like, but I do know that a few girls on the team makes a huge difference to the culture.

    As a hiring manager for the past decade anyone not male, and not White/Asian/Indian, who applied I offered a job. Every female, every African, got raced forward and we tried to hire them. And the thing of it is that I can count on two hands all of those people; not one do I regret.

    Out of hundreds of hires, less than 10% of the applicants were not in our Frat Party stereotype group. These unicorns are so rare that a blanket rule to hire them is just noise and has very little impact on you or the industry.

    What we need to do is make the front end of the funnel bigger. In my graduating year there were about 10 females in the 200 engineering degrees issued. That is the real problem.

  • You are channeling your energy wrong. You could code for for example

    Btw I’m a black guy too who has had a ton of code projects shown all over. I got like one work invite in five years even with tons of press. I still churn forward!

  • I go to a lot of free training seminars in the Bay Area (Swift, NodeJS , no SQL, etc.)

    Attendees are generally comprised of approximately 80 to 90% white males between the age of 20 to 40. The remaining 10 to 20% are Asian males (Chinese\Indian) with an occasional Asian female.

    I think the problem is lack of interest and/or participation.

    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him(or her) drink!

    A couple of other observations,

    firstly I’m a little older than most people Who generally attend these things, mid-50s. Occasionally I get quite a few side glances from the hipsters.

    I come out of bizDev and I decided to pick up some engineering chops.

    I got tired of relying on flaky engineers for start ups.

    Your average engineer is a total Johnny lunch pail.

    They are just not mentally suited for start ups.

    Conversely, I also attend a lot of marketing seminars.

    The crowd there is about 70% female!

    So go figure, peoples brains are just hard wired differently?

  • QUOTE: “Seems like anywhere you go these days they are offering more opportunities”

    I’d like to go to some of these places where they offer opportunities.

    There’s almost nothing out here. It seems barren. Until someone in their utter folly decides to do the unthinkable.

    Opportunities are taken my anonymous friend.

    Be more foolish. Do more. Exceed.

  • I am an African American female with a BS in Computer Science. When I was in college, I was the only female in my class, which of course also made me the only black female. In school, none of the white males would work in the same group as me. Whenever I would get the better grade or one of the highest test scores in a particularly difficult class, everyone was astonished and only then would want to work with me. I had a professor tell me my place was in the kitchen and that all Africans originated from monkeys. I am more than capable of pursuing a career in my field, but because of my experience in school I feel so discouraged and unaccepted.

    There are only 2 percent Black Women in science and engineering. No one has ever handed me a job. I have always had to work twice as hard for less.

    So I am sure you think the odds are against you and you miss your white privilege. But chances are that you will always make more than me and people will be more comfortable hiring you.

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  • Guess with,companies get a tax write off if u have BrokenEnglish,spit out 10 Babies,or make up mentally sane disability, now a days even if u worked all ur life ,white,w/no kids u r screwed

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