2 Days being offline

2 days ago, I had a lot of doubts about my (not performing) startup and was really unhappy since I am lonely all the time (startup with just me working) and cash running lower and lower.

So I took an advice from a friend of mine. I went to a nearby lake and stayed there without being online. I took the time to think about me and my life … and especially WHY I founded my startup … Sometimes reading blogs/articles offline I have saved via Pocket or meditate (at least I tried). It was really hard to not think about my startup especially when I was getting more and more awesome ideas to improve it.

Those 2 Offline Days really helped me. It really helped me put my whole life and the startup into perspective and how I want to continue.

I think that will perhaps it could help you as well. Being offline for a few days and just thinking about you and your life.


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