Where do you work from?

I don’t want to spend additional money on getting an office. However, I’m unable to work on evenings and weekends after my kids come home. Where do you typically work from? Coffee shops don’t seem to be very productive, besides you can only sit there for a couple of hours.

  • I have worked from home, incubators, coffee shops, and subleased. In my experience, there is definitely a point in the maturity of your company that having your team together is really important. If you can find a good sublease situation it can work well.

  • Home office. I have a 7 year old who’s in school all day. We’ve been delivering product for several years working remotely and coordinating using hangout, pivotal tracker, google docs, etc. We meet twice a month at a cafe or co-working space.

  • Location of employees is very much a function of the stage of the company.

    When you’re developing the core product and need to iterate fast – there is no substitute for proximity.

    When you’re selling – there’s no substitute for proximity to your customers (i.e. being out and about).

    In between is the building of an organization’s ethic and teamwork. Proximity does help, but equally so does variety of backgrounds.

    Having 1000 worker bees in a hive does not generally yield variegated outcomes, whereas 1000 worker bees in 10 hives will at least potentially have 10 different environments to season the honey.

  • Broken sleep schedule. Sleep from 9pm to 1am, 6am to 9:30 am. 5 hours uninterrupted coding/work in between. Requires spouse with normal sleep schedule.

  • University libraries are great and have cheap food when you need to refuel 🙂

    May I also suggest that you place an add in a newspaper asking to rent out an office space for cheap at hours they won’t be there. Many business owners would be interested in this.

  • Any co-working spaces in your area?

    I live in Chiang Mai and we have a great co-working space [Punspace] (www.punspace.com). Not only a great environment, blazing bandwidth but also the chance to meet interesting people working on interesting projects.

  • Mostly home, in my closed room, bizarre sleeping, eating & coding schedule. I only see sunlight when i achieved a working module, good Google analytic score or when i have to pay my bills. But i am happy when i am working alone, no-body to disturb, i can focus greatly. Public distracts me & people annoy me, so no public places. Other reason is, i can’t work on laptops, i require only desktop with large or multiple screens so no mobile life.

    P.S – Someday! i’ll get out of this cocoon for good 😀

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