What will be the next BIG thing?

And don’t say your startup!

My opinion is “micro-chips” in humans.  Data chips.

      • No, serious things are in progress in this area. It is for sure one of the big things for the future. But is it the next one ? Nobody knows. Big things tend to appear overnight, but after long years of research in the dark. Research is very promising in this area, but still needs time.

    • Bloom energy was once a promising startup. Converting gas to electricity on premise without the inefficiency of burning it first.

      I wonder what happened to them.

  • I’ll take your micro-chip a bit further and say artificial intelligence. Rather than curing diseases as a solution to longer life expectancies, we’ll become part human, part robot.

  • noticing a trend in Workplace Productivity and Knowledge Management:

    HipChat, Slack, and a number of other workflow productivity platforms are gaining traction in organizations. They have api’s galore, offering all kinds of hooks into other systems. Non-technical people are also making use of these platforms.

  • Bringing modern asset management and data analysis into POSITIVE aspects of government.

    What I do is provide city governments with information and management systems for the single largest category of their gigantic real estate assets. What they have now is simply pathetic – pieces of paper and maybe an Excel spreadsheet.

    Imagine what could happen if city planners actually had some way to understand what’s going on in their own cities – which they do not now.

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