Wiki of software and services for startups?

Is there a comprehensive, up-to-date wiki or list of software and services for startups? I want to know what is available to solve our problems. I often don’t even know there is a service available for what I need done. Accounting (e.g. Freshbooks), HR, captables, to virtual assistants. Any ideas?

  • Not that I know of. There are certain sites which aggregate certain kinds of services, but none that have ever single type of service a startup would need. You need to just use Google and search for what you want.

    • Part of the problem is: what do you search for?

      What is out there? What things can other services do for us that we haven’t thought of?

      Just tired of reading TechCrunch and reading an “article” (PR release) thinking, “Wow. Wish I knew about that 6 months ago.”

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