Why would a programmer in SV start a startup these days?

So I just noticed the insane amount of “total compensation” of programmers these days. From 200K for fresh grads to 500K at Facebook for Sr Software Engineers.

At that rate you’d easily clear 1M in over 4 years which is the median time it takes for any company to be successful. If you were a programmer making that kind of salary and say you haven’t gotten “rich” yet, why in gods earth would make you want to throw it all away for a crapshoot?

In my time, programmers made $100K and a 2M “payday” doing a startup was something that is desirable. With such an insanely high salary, you’ve pretty much won the lottery without even trying!


  • If you are a good engineer in SV you would be an idiot to start a company.

    Maybe start a company after you have $$$ and have a few friends you want to do shit together after you’re bored working on pointless products at Google.

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