When will we see Facebook’s demise?

I'm talking about the platform, not the business. 

Once they decided to fuck over businesses by throttling their exposure to the communities they built, it seems like I've seen less outbound marketing to FB branded pages. 

What's more, it appears that next generation wants nothing to do with the platform. Is it becoming the GAP of the web? 

  • “What’s more, it appears that next generation wants nothing to do with the platform”

    Source please.

    • I think he means how most teens are using Snapchat and Instagram; not Facebook because their parents are on Facebook and they don’t want their parents to know what they’re up to. I think Facebook will just keep buying whatever new social network is popular like they did with Instagram or WhatsApp. The platform might die but not their overall business. It’s sort of how Yahoo stays alive by continuing to purchase more and more businesses like Tumblr, whereas Google’s core business is still it’s strength.

      • Yeah I’ve heard that argument before, but I don’t believe it holds weight. Nor do I feel the metrics are in lockstep with the story that people try to tell. So again, I’ll ask for a source please. Lets face it, whatsapp and instagram are complimentary to the service facebook provides as a social network.

        Instagram is no more like facebook than twitter is. Instagram could have been the next facebook, but FB made a great defensive play. Snapchat is fighting versus whatsapp, kids post instagram pictures and then link them to facebook, and whatsapp is an OTT instant messenger. FB is still a completely viable social network and really the only one in it’s class. It’s like arguing craigslist is going to fail because AirBNB went after one of their silos. FB is more than posting pictures, it’s more than messaging, it’s more than picture messaging. It has 1.1 billion users and is basically fully saturated in America.

        • I didn’t say that I believed it; just that it’s something that I hear a lot. I personally don’t think that Snapchat will replace Facebook since the network effects on facebook are too strong. In order to leave Facebook for another social network, users have to also convince their friends to come along with them, and that’s not easy.

          As long as Facebook is just good enough, people will continue to use it. This is why no startup has replaced Gmail or Hotmail/Outlook yet. Most people are satisfied with those email services so they don’t feel like switching to something new.

    • OP here: No source, completely anecdotal. Wasn’t trying to state it as fact, this was just a question to get answers from likeminded people.

  • honestly the new facebook has too many fucking ads that randomly pops up and ask you if you want to get rid of it , like cmon i dont want to see it at all. I believe they are over monetizing the platform and the growth will decline to a point a new platform will takeover, because platforms like facebook can maintain alive by just donations. think of reddit

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